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What Your Favorite Pizza Topping Says About You

As the old adage goes: you are what you eat! But when it comes to pizza, what does this mean, exactly? Are you stubborn, open-minded, easy-going, loud? Take a good look at your last pizza order. The toppings you chose reveal more about you than just your cravings for dinner.

Find out what your favorite pizza topping says about you:

Plain pizza

If you don’t want anything on your pizza but the cheese and the sauce, consider yourself Old Reliable. Your friends and family love you because of you dependability. Plain pizza doesn’t mean you’re predictable. It means you know what you like and stick to it. You have honorable integrity. You don’t waver on your principles and you stand your ground on what you believe in.

Just remember: it’s okay to stick to your guns because you believe in something, not because you’re afraid. Make sure you don’t spend too much time stuck in your comfort zone (even though it is cheesy and delicious!).


This classic sweet and savory combination means you now how to roll with the punches. You are one laid back guy or gal (or, should we say “lei”-d back!).

You focus on the positive and don’t let your life become weighed down with unnecessary worries or anxiety.

More than that, you have a refreshing self-confidence. You’re not afraid to break away from conventional social norms and you are happy just being yourself.


Not many people are wild about putting anchovies on their pizza. But if you actually relish adding these small, stinky fish to your pizza, you are one-of-a-kind! Or, at least, you’re in the very small minority of anchovy-lovers. What does this reveal about you?

Your bold spirit means that you have no fear to go after what you want in life, and you certainly don’t worry about how you may look to others. Some people might call you a bit headstrong, but one thing is for certain: you are fearless!


For the person who tops off their pizza with mushrooms, the environment is your friend. If this is you, you have a love for all things nature and a special appreciation for the world’s animals.

You are an open and giving soul, and one who finds pleasure in the small things in life. Because of this, people find you easy-to-talk-to – and they’re right! You are a great listener.

(Plus, you might even practice yoga, own succulents, and frequent your local farmer’s market. Namaste.)


When you order a pepperoni pizza, you most likely have one goal in mind: don’t rock the boat. This traditional topping indicates that you are not so keen on causing trouble. You want everyone to play nice and get along – and you’re good at fostering this kind of environment! You’re the peacekeeper of your friends group because you don’t enjoy “drama” like some other people.

Some people may accuse you of being a pushover, but that’s not true. You care a lot about your friends and family and want to do what you can to make them happy – just make sure you don’t forget to care for your own needs too!

Meat Lover’s

When you order your meat lovers pizza, you may as well order it through a bullhorn, because if there’s one way to describe you it is LOUD AND PROUD.

Just as you don’t shy away from loading the meat on your pizza, you don’t shy away from expressing yourself. You are extremely vocal about sharing your feelings and opinions, and your all-or-nothing attitude inspires other people to jump on your bandwagon.

You probably have a lot of bumper stickers on your car, wear the color red frequently, and love to dance to your favorite song, no matter where you are. (You are the life of the party!).

Looking for some daring, new specialty pizzas to try?


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