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We Continue To Be Here For You!

A special note to patrons about our operational/sanitary procedures:

It goes without saying its a challenging time for all of us. From our family to yours, we want to thank you for all your support. Absolute guest satisfaction is our highest priority and our commitment to safely serving you is unwavering. We were here for you before COVID-19 and we will continue to be here for you.  We take sanitation seriously at all times, not just in light of the pandemic. With that said, we believe that communication with our guests and employees is paramount. Therefore, we wanted to let you know that we are strictly complying with all government mandates and share with you our operational guidelines:


  1. We have certified Food Safety Managers at all of our locations. Our food is made from the freshest ingredients and locally-sourced, whenever possible.

  2. Extra precautions and training take place at all pre shift meetings, which occur twice per day.

  3. We always have sanitizer in our kitchens and in our dining rooms.

  4. We are O.C.D. about wiping down our tables, countertops, beverage stations and restrooms. In addition, we have increased the frequency of sanitizing door handles, telephones, computer systems, etc. Anything that staff and guests touch.

  5. Staff is directed to stay home if they do not feel well. Please note that we do not have anyone on our team that is sick or presenting symptoms.

  6. We are strictly adhering to all government  mandates. Guests much wear a mask when entering/exiting our restaurants. All staff where masks and gloves, as well.


As always, everything we do is to ensure our guests have an enjoyable experience in a safe and comfortable environment.

Thank you for listening and we look forward to serving you.

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